Farmer’s Market

The best way to spend a Saturday.

About Us


The Farmers Market on Manning was launched on the 5th of December 2009.

Situated under towering pine trees, lush green grass and manicured rose beds, the community embraced the relaxed, casual style of Saturday morning shopping.

The Market came about after one discussion. The market manager and his family were discussing the number of hours they spent on the weekends visiting various markets, in search of fresh organic and conventional produce, grower-direct.

The consensus was “wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a grower direct, one-stop market south of the river?”

A market:

  • With natural shade from huge trees
  • With soft green grass under foot with birds chirping away
  • With heaps of free parking
  • Where families can relax and form new friendships
  • That’s easy to locate

And so, the FARMERS MARKET ON MANNING was born.

A decision had to be made.

Finding the Perfect Location


In early July 2018, following maintenance work being carried out at the Clontarf site, the Market was temporarily relocated to the George Burnett Park. At this new location, the Market experienced an unexpected growth spurt and by October 2018, it became evident that the Market had now outgrown the Clontarf site. The decision was made to permanently relocate the Market to the George Burnett Park, which is also the perfect setting for a bustling and vibrant Farmers Market.

The Market is still nestled amongst shady trees and lovely green grass, birds are still chirping, there is much more parking available and on occasion, a special kookaburra comes to visit whilst we are setting up. Loyal market regulars are still there bright and early and all our regular and seasonal stallholders are eager to trade.

We trade all year round.

The Action Starts Early – 7.30am


The renowned and much anticipated Market bell rings at 7.30am and trade begins from then on! Come browse through a selection of produce and products on offer by over 80 stalls. We trade all year-round (weather permitting.)

Amazing Aromas!

An Experience for the Senses


At the market, you won’t be able to resist the wonderful aromas, especially from our 4 coffee vans who call out coffee orders to other marketgoers.

You also won’t be able to resist one of the many takeaway food delights:

Bratwurst, Crepes, Gozleme, Egg and bacon burgers, Scrolls, Vegetarian and vegan slices, French pastries, Brownies, Cakes and cookies, Hot scones (baked fresh) and heaps more!

Also, be entertained by a variety of buskers who will have you singing and tapping your feet to the rhythm of their music.

Meet up with family and friends.

A Place for Everyone, Even Your Dog!


This is the perfect place to stock up on your weekly seasonal produce, meet up with family and friends and a place where children can play and dogs are also welcome.

A weekly visit to the Market has over the past nine years become a ritual for locals and also for customers who travel from far and wide.

The best thing about the market, is that there’s something for everyone

What’s On Offer


Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, Fresh meat and seafood, Certified organic and bio-dynamic seasonal fruit and vegetables, Certified organic meats, Certified organic olives and olive oil, Artisan breads/organic breads, Heirloom Vegies, Fresh flowers/ potted plants/ shrubs and seeds, Farm fresh eggs, Organic coffee and teas, Cheese and dairy/Artisan Butter, Nuts Honey Chutneys/ jams/pickles/preserves, Spices, Pet treats, Dog wash, Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, Cold pressed juices/Turmeric Tonic, Bratwurst, Egg & Bacon Rolls /Sausage Sizzle, Pizza, Gozleme, Crepes, Spit Roast Meat Rolls, Piadina, Gluten free products, Vegetarian and vegan foods, Raw foods, Scrolls, Pork Pies/Cornish Pasties, Terrines/Roulades, Hot Scones, Fresh Handmade Pasta and Pasta meals, Italian Biscuits, Italian gelato, Greek smallgoods/ delicacies, Homemade cookies/brownies, Dry goods, Wooden Chopping Boards, Knife Sharpening, Fermented Foods, Chocolates, Christmas Cakes/Puddings, Christmas Trees, Wine/Gin, Natural Soaps and Skincare and lots more!

Our weekly spotlight

Scone Crazy


Nicole (founder of Scone Crazy) first approached the Market in early 2015 hoping to open a cupcake stall.

Her enthusiasm and passion for all things sweet was evident and even though at the time there was no opening for a cupcake stall at the Market, the Market Manager had a challenging concept in mind. He had a vision to bring in a stall that could make and bake traditional scones on site at the Market. Nicole jumped at the challenge and immediately set off to investigate the feasibility of opening such a stall.

After many months of trialling different recipes and portable ovens, Nicole hit the jackpot! She recalls with much laughter those experimental days. There were indeed a burnt scone or two, as well as scones that didn’t rise or cook right through!

On September 12th 2015, Scone Crazy debut at the Market and proved to be very popular. But Nicole soon noticed that market customers didn’t always have the time to sit and eat a traditional scone and also didn’t have enough hands to juggle a scone whilst shopping for fruit and veggies. Nicole came up with a solution and created her now famous S-Cone (the one handed scone). The many sweet/savoury and vegan filling options change depending on the time of the year and season, but the traditional jam and cream filling still remains a favourite together with the Nutella filling.

On December 1st 2018 the Market was filming a video to be included on their new website and all stallholders were given the opportunity to take part in ‘The Best Presented Stall of the Day’ competition. Scone Crazy took out one of the two prizes.

Scone Crazy attends the Market every Saturday and easily stands out in its red gazebo with red and white signage.